Our current Gold Rate
INR /Gram
for 22Kt 916 melting purity
Our current GPP Gold Rate INR
/Gram for 22Kt 916 melting purity is   

Gold Saving Schemes from Chemmanur - Investments that are worth your money

Look around and there are thousands of investment options available. Then why should you consider investing in gold? Firstly, gold will never truly lose its value; it functions as a profitable and safe investment as well as jewellery. Secondly, it easy to convert to cash and offers long term growth. There is a tremendous amount of value attached to gold, traditionally as well as financially. This makes it safe and sensible to invest in gold, an investment that you can trust to grow. Chemmanur brings you safe, secure and smart gold investment schemes.

If you are already a member of the scheme for any further information please contact office@chemmanur.com and mention your Name and Membership Number.

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