Our current Gold Rate
INR /Gram
for 22Kt 916 melting purity
Chemmanur Diamond Purchase Plan
Enjoy special price offers for diamonds on being a member of the Chemmanur Diamond Purchase Plan. You can become a member of this 24 month plan by paying up an initial refundable membership fee of just Rs. 200/-. Thereafter you can make monthly Rs 1000/- in further installments in multiples of 500/- for the rest of the period. Once you are a member of this plan you can enjoy the following benefits.
Benefits you can enjoy by joining the Diamond Purchase Plan:
  • On the joining date your Diamond price will be frozen. The same diamond price list will be attached to your membership file.
  • Enjoy special diamond rates for members.
  • No Value Addition ( wastage and making charges ) will be charged on the diamond jewellery purchase through this plan ( Max up to 20 gms )
  • Option to transfer the Diamond Purchase Plan to the Gold Purchase Plan can be done at anytime, and the accumulated amount will be converted to gold at the rate of gold on that day at Chemmanur
  • You become a Privileged Member.

Withdrawals Options

  • You can purchase diamond ornaments and loose diamonds
  • You can place an order for diamond ornaments
  • Purchase or place an order for gold jewellery of your choice, instead of diamond ornaments.
  • The value addition (wastage and making charges) will be limited to a maximum of 20gms.

You are free to discontinue your membership in the plan anytime during the course of the plan, though there are some benefits that you may have to forego.

If you wish to join in this scheme please send us your request to office@chemmanur.com with your Name and Contact Number.

If your are already a member of this scheme and if you have any queries please mail to office@chemmanur.com with your Name and Membership Number.