Our current Gold Rate
INR /Gram
for 22Kt 916 melting purity

Dhana varsha Savings Plan

You can avail this 12 months plan by making an initial refundable membership fee of Rs.50/-.Thereafter you can make minimum remittance of Rs.1000/- and more can be made in the multiples of Rs.500

Benefits Of this Plan

  • No value addition (wastage & making charges) will be added to the gold cost.
  • Customer can pay the full 12 months installment in the first month itself and can avail an additional discount of Rs.25/- per gm on the gold rate.
  • Plan can be extended according to your needs as per rules & regulations.


  • You have all the freedom to withdraw the amount at any point of time before the maturity of the plan. If the members withdraw before the plan maturity date he/she can purchase gold/silver jewellery or articles without any benefit under this plan.
  • To avail full benefits of the plan, ensure that remittances are made for the entire plan period without delay or interruption. Delayed monthly remittances beyond 7 days will result in the maturity date of the plan being postponed.
  • While withdrawing, you are required to produce the receipts given by us during the monthly remittances.
  • On maturity of the plan, you will be entitled to place an order with us for gold jewellery equivalent to the amount credited in the plan.

However, he can purchase gold ornaments only one month after payment of the last installment. After paying all the installments for a minimum of 12 months the member can choose to continue and extend the tenure as long as he/she wishes. (As per the Government rules & regulations)

However,if the customer purchases the items exceeding the weight credited to his/her account,the excess will be billed with value addition and the same should be settled by the members either by cash/card/old gold exchange.

If you wish to join in this scheme plan,please send us your request to office@chemmanur.com with your contact number and name.

If you are already a member of this scheme and if you have any queries please mail to office@chemmanur.com with your contact number and name.