Our current Gold Rate
INR /Gram
for 22Kt 916 melting purity
The Origin
What could be a better testimony to our excellence than a tradition that has been passed on over generations? Designing, making and selling jewellery has been a part of Chemmanur family for more than a century now. We traced back our roots to as early as 1863. The knowledge and the expertise has been passed on with diligence and absorbed with utmost reverence till date where we are leaders in the jewellery industry.
The growth of the family business from a traditional set up to a successful jewellery retail chain of modern times was steered by George Chemmanur. He founded Chemmanur Jewelers as an organized business and opened its first showroom in Thrissur, Kerala, in 1976. Since then Chemmanur Jewelers has evolved itself to become what it is today - a trusted and respected jeweler. From gold to diamond to silver jewellery, we have made a mark of own.
We blended trend and tradition without compromising on quality. As an organization, we spread across South India, opened showrooms in the
Middle East and grew several organizations under the Chemmanur umbrella. With the support of our people, we continue to explore more and more avenues to reach and succeed.
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